Arrangements for Alderman "26er" crank organs

Here is a short list of my arrangements for Alderman 26er scale.

I ordered my Jäger&Brommer organ with this scale (instead of the common 20er scale) because it is compatible with the 20er scale, i.e., I can play all 20er rolls on it; but it has an additional bass note and five additional intermediate chromatic notes, which allow for much more harmonic functions. There are only very few people with this scale hereabouts, so I do not sell many of these rolls—but I'm very happy that I have it for experiments, especially when arranging and playing other instruments. Also here, I'll try to add youtube links with most arrangements, but this will take a few months or more. And please overhear the mistuned organ in some of the recordings—or maybe accept that each crank organ has to be a little bit out of tune, hasn't it?

If you are interested in obtaining one of the following arrangements or a new melody, punched on paper rolls or as a MIDI file, please send an e-mail

E-mail to - for wishes, questions, remarks, ...

TitleComposerArtistLengthYoutube or MP3 link
Ain't She Sweet Milton Ager3:15
Amazing Grace trad.2:20
Another One Bites The Dust Freddy MercuryQueen3:00
Ave Maria Franz Schubert5:40
Colonel Bogey MarchKenneth Alford2:50
Der g'schupfte Ferdl Gerhard BronnerHelmut Qualtinger3:30
Die alte Engelmacherin Gerhard BronnerHelmut Qualtinger5:15
Plink Plank Plunk Leroy Anderson2:25
Pomp And Circumstance Edward Elgar2:05
Puppchen, du bist mein AugensternJean Gilbert2:40
Sweet And Low Down George Gershwin1:00
The Jazz Master Billy Mayerl3:00
The Typewriter (you need a typewriter and some practice!)Leroy Anderson1:55
We Are The Champions Freddy MercuryQueen2:55
Whispering Vincent Rose1:30
You Made Me Love You Jamess Monaco3:10
Tuning and calibration roll for Alderman 26er scale

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